"If you can't explain it simply, you don't understand it well enough."

-Albert Einstein

The Power Of Connectivity

Gain access to world-class service providers through relationships AIABBS developed on your behalf. Offering cost-effective, superior solutions in a variety of critical areas that maximize employer dollar value while enhancing satisfaction and appreciation is paramount to rising above your competition.

Benefits Administration Services

AIABBS provides exclusive access to superior benefits administration platforms designed to offer HR ease and effectiveness to your clients. Benefits administration portfolio exclusively available to AIABBS Broker Partners includes our:

  • Stand-alone benefits administration with employee self-service
  • Total compensation statements
  • New hire onboarding and orientation
  • ACA tracking/reporting
  • Employee lifecycle management
  • Audit current HR technologies and workflows, identify efficiencies and gaps (100+)
  • Assist with selecting the right HR technology to meet customer needs (100+)

To implement this platform, your AIABBS team meets with your client’s HR and Benefits team to analyze their client-specific requirements. Once identified, we work together with you and your client to design and construct processes and systems, perform testing, train HR staff and users in the administration of the systems, and acceptance to ensure a smooth implementation.

Additional Technology Resources

AIABBS also offers additional technology resources important to the administration and reporting of benefit programs. Available through specific strategic vendor alliances, sophisticated technology and tools our Broker Partners require to be responsive, informed, and competitive. Technology resources available:

  • Payroll vendors
  • ACA reporting (Stand Alone Available)
  • Third-party administrators (HRA, HSA, COBRA)
  • Email encryption and archiving solutions
  • Agency Management System

Powered by AIABBS staff and our strategic vendor partners.