"The part can never be well unless the whole is well."


The Power Of Alliances

Gain access to world-class service providers through relationships AIABBS developed on your behalf. Offering cost-effective, superior solutions in a variety of critical areas that maximize employer dollar value while enhancing satisfaction and appreciation. Significantly lower costs than those available outside your partnership with AIABBS.

Health Advocacy & Wellness Solutions

As the landscape of the healthcare industry changes, managing healthcare costs and improving employee health have become critical issues for employers. Wellness initiatives have become exceedingly popular among employers, and while there are numerous solutions to choose from, many have not demonstrated proven results.

AIABBS Broker Partners gain exclusive access to our DiscoverHealth® unit, distinctly created to help "bend the healthcare cost curve" for employers. DiscoverHealth offers an encompassing portfolio of services that embrace five essential areas of employee wellbeing and provides a cost-effective strategy for improving employee health. AIABBS has performed due diligence on each portfolio program,and members of DiscoverHealth have been certified by the Intel/GE Care Innovations Validation Institute which designates our ability to effectively evaluate wellness and wellbeing solutions available in the marketplace to discern programs with realistic outcomes and results.

Broker partners can confidently offer their clients a varity of population health management and wellbeing solutions that are aimed at improving the health of workforces and lowering healthcare costs including:

  • Targeted nurse coaching-Individual health coaching based on assessed health risks
  • Care Gap Reduction-Medical/prescription claims data mining
  • Metabolic Syndrome Risk Factor Reduction-Solutions to provide individuals with ongoing support to address key risk factors contributing to Metabolic Syndrome
  • Health Screenings and Patented Disease Risk Questionnaire-Screenings combined with a multi-dimensional tool to predict risk of onset and progression related to multiple chronic diseases
  • Health Advocacy & Pricing Transparency-Services to improve consumerism, givng employees resources for cost transparency, patient advocacy, bill reconciliation, and recommendations of quality providers
  • Telemedicine-Leading telehealth services aimed at improving patient access and providing convenient quality care
  • Clinically Proven Stress Reduction Programs-Solutions to provide individuals with the training to regulate emotional responses and harness the power of heart/brain communication to reduce stress
  • Worksite Challenge Programs-Solutions to provide employees with ongoing education and resources to promote development of healthy behaviors