"You can't manage what you don't measure."

-Author unknown

The Power of Detail

The AIABBS Health Care & Benefit Analytics(HCBA) team represents the functional component within AIABBS that maintains the primary responsibility for the development of actuarial-based financial deliverables for the large group market. The analytical portfolio of AIABBS serves as the foundation to the most sophisticated Education, Expertise and Collaboration to differentiate our Broker Partners from their competition!

Our Approach

Rather than the typical "renewal" approach deployed by most brokers/consultants, AIABBS Broker Partners can access our Underwriting & Analytical team to assist in creating a multi-year strategic planning approach to benefit plan design, employee health/well-being and employee communication. This allows our Broker Partners to focus on achieving their clients's strategic goals and financial objective, avoiding the annual crisis situation many companies face at renewal time.

We Know Your Data

Your client's historical medical, pharmaceutical and disability claims trends are a treasure trove of information. Your AIABBS team has developed sophisticated analytical models that enable us to give you a comprehensive view of your client's unique situation. From that information, we can recommend alternative aproaches, along with the cost/benefit of each scenario. With our analysis and your data, our AIABBS Broker Partners feel confident that their clients are making the most strategic decision possible.

Positive Financial Impact

We translate the health carrier data into our proprietary analytical models. Then we extract all useful information and consulting observations that provide the root connections to the real problems your client is facing. We deliver that to you, in an Executive Summary via phone call, face to face meetings or webinar. The process of better thinking applied to detailed data creates better outcomes for both the company and its employees. Here is a sampling of better outcomes we produce:

  • Accurately forecasted carrier renewals and self-funded budgets well in advance of typical renewal planning schedules
  • Successfully negotiated fully-insured and reinsurance renewals based on carrier-recognized underwriting observations contained in our proprietary reports
  • Accurately forecasted self-funded claims impacts from plan design changes
  • Well-founded decisions to move from fully-insured to self-funded and vice versa
  • Appropriate cost-sharing strategies between employer and employee
  • Cost-reducing pharmaceutical carve-out arrangements
  • PPACA-driven strategies for cost reduction