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INNOVATION is the calling card of the FUTURE
- Anna Eshoo

Broker Benefit Solutions

Broker Benefit Solutions (BBS) is focused on becoming the next generation of a Preferred Agent. We have created an integrated suite of solutions designed to increase competitiveness and exemplify value.

BBS has embarked on an innovative approach that is beyond merely offering product access and proposals. We have spent an immeasurable amount of time dedicated to enhancing our service and tools that will strengthen both efficiency and effectiveness for our broker partners.

Broker Benefit Solutions is confident that when leading with the solutions instead of leading with the product our broker partners will solidify their client/broker relationship and will deliver success based on quality, creativity and distinction.

See what our clients have to say...

"With the complexities of the ACA and new regulatory requirements in the employee benefits area our agency..."
Miers Insurance
"I enjoy working with the BBS team. They are very responsive and are extremely knowledgeable..."
Central Penn Benefits
"At Employee Benefit Solutions, Inc. we rely on our partnership arrangement with AIA/BBS as an integral part of our service team..."
Employee Benefit Solutions
"I appreciate the way the AIA staff checks emails of absent staff and responds to them. I get responses to my inquiries so quickly..."
Gerhart, Hartman & Ritner
The responsiveness of everyone on your staff is to be applauded.Usually I can always talk to someone when I have a question.
- The Insurance Group
Specialty Programs

Broker Benefit Solutions prides itself in offering a unique single source opportunity for our broker partners.


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Broker Benefit Solutions offers our brokers the most comprehensive information available from our healthcare carriers, in one convenient place.


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